Hill-top villages overlooking the rolling velvet green hills of the Tuscan countryside. Rustic farmhouses full of charm and character. Winding roads lined with cypress trees. Beautiful villas with large gardens that seem straight out of a dream. Magnificent castles with expansive vineyards where traditions are kept alive with love, care and a fierce sense of pride. Ancient cities where history, art and culture thrive. The people are warm, friendly and filled with an innate sense of hospitality. The food is amazing and of course, words need not be said about the quality of the Tuscan wine. This is the Tuscany that we know: a beautiful place that’s filled with love, warmth and a strong sense of family and community.

[history_box title_h1=”Patrizia Alpini Wedding Planner” subtitle_h2=”In Tuscany Wedding” par1=”Looking to get married in Italy? We’ve got your back!
We’re wedding planners based near the beautiful city of Florence and with 6 wonderful years of helping couples plan their special day under our belts, we definitely know our stuff.
There’s nothing we love more than the look of joy and exhilaration on their faces when they see the wedding of their dreams come to life…and we want to do the same for you!

We operate mainly in Tuscany, Umbria, and the Amalfi Coast, working together with only the best local partners and vendors.
Our mission as your wedding planner is to streamline the entire planning process for you – we’ll be there as a constant point of reference, and to guide you in choosing what is right for you from the very best of what Tuscany has to offer!
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[pwf_infoimage title_h3=”FULL WEDDING ORGANIZATION IN TUSCANY” text=”Planning a destination wedding in Tuscany may seem like a daunting task, but with the help of a professional, it’s really not that complicated.
As Italians (born and raised!), we know all the inner-workings of planning the perfect Tuscan wedding. Not only that, you’ll get only the best in both quality and service. From the tedious paperwork to the perfect bouquet, we’ll sort out all the details to make your dream wedding come true!” icon=”flag-with-heart”][pwf_infoimage title_h3=”WEDDING DAY COORDINATION” text=”If you’ve already got the details ironed out and just need someone to coordinate the actual wedding day itself, look no further. There’s nothing worse than not being able to enjoy your own wedding because you’re worried about the cake being delivered. We’ll compile checklists and finalise the itinerary, so leave it to us and enjoy your special day!” icon=”love-letters”]
[pwf_infoimage title_h3=”WEDDING FOR TWO” text=”Also known as an elopement wedding! There’s a reason why more couples are choosing to elope instead of having a full wedding – it’ll just be you and your intended, sharing your promises of love and a new life together. We will work within your budget to give you the best and most intimate ceremony possible.” icon=”romantic-dinner”][pwf_infoimage title_h3=”ITALIAN DESTINATION WEDDINGS” text=”Tuscany is so full of wonderful places that it can be difficult to choose the perfect location. Rest assured: we can help you narrow it down. If you feel like you want more choices, however, we can look beyond Tuscany itself. Full disclosure: We’re completely biased about the best region in Italy (Tuscany, without a doubt!) but there are other regions in our beautiful country that come pretty close! From the Umbria to the Amalfi Coast, there is no shortage of choices for you to pick from.” icon=”car-with-heart”]
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[history_box title_h1=”THE PERFECT MOMENT WHERE IT ALL COMES TOGETHER” subtitle_h2=”The ceremony is the heart of the celebration and you can pick the right choice for you” par1=” Civil Ceremony
If you’re looking for a non-religious ceremony that recognises your marriage legally, the civil ceremony does exactly that. You and your intended can personalise your vows. We can handle all the administrative and legal details to ensure a smooth fuss-free ceremony.
Symbolic Ceremony
If you decide that you want to complete the legalities in your own country but have a ceremony in Italy, then a symbolic ceremony is the perfect choice for you! The ceremony itself has no legal value and therefore, there are no restrictions on where and how you can celebrate it. This is where you can really get creative with what you want!
Catholic Ceremony
A Catholic ceremony is very similar to a civil one but it is tied to the Catholicism, the main religion in Italy. There are many beautiful churches in Tuscany that are full of history, art and culture, that would be happy to conduct the service for Catholic couples from abroad. We can help and advise you on the necessary paperwork and steps to make your ceremony in an Italian Church a reality. ” icon=”grey pdr_icon-rings”]
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