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Getting married in Tuscany is not so complicated as it might sound, if you accept the help of a professional Wedding planner. In Tuscany Wedding is an agency for almost 7 years, based in Florence, and has raised a strong experience in the territory in organizing unforgettable weddings. Thanks also to Petali di Rosa, our italian website for the best wedding experience.

Planning weddings is our passion, we love to create celebrations and would be delighted to help you with yours, giving you insider tips, unique and glamorous ideas. Events of all sizes can be accommodated. Our main goal is to deliver a truly unique wedding day, completely customized to reflect your personality, taste and style. We will turn your dreams into reality, acting as your personal consultants, taking care of every single detail and partnering with you every step along the way. Our team is extremely motivated and dedicated to make every event a personal and enjoyable experience.

We aim to establish a special relationship with our couples. We are very organized and have a successful working method that will make your planning stress free and enjoyable. We propose only properties we know extremely well.

Moreover if you are looking for a wedding holiday in Tuscany we would be more that happy to provide you accommodation solutions and create personalized tour around Tuscany for you and your guests. This might include: sightseeing in Florence, Siena, Pisa.. or any other places you are interested in, wine tasting ( Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, Bolgheri, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano…), pizza parties, bridal party and any kind of activity you would like to enjoying during your unforgettable stay in Tuscany.

Tuscany offers a wide rage of locations to choose from: the countryside, very famous around the world for it’s unique beauty: green and yellow hills, vineyards, cypresses, sunflowers’ fields, and well preserved medieval villages perched on top of the hills. The sea side: long beaches sandy or rocky. Cities of art and Histoy: Siena, Florence, Arezzo, Cortona, Pisa and many others… Tuscany is really the right place to say your “ Yes, I do! ”

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In Tuscany Wedding is an agency that can perform symbolic blessing or vows renewal in location and venue in Tuscany.

Your ceremony, blessing or vows renewal, can be celebrate anywhere in Tuscany, and our wedding officiants can celebrate in different languages, in Italian in English, Portuguense, Russian German and French.

Also, with our presence, is possible personalize you wedding during the pledge with a particular ritual, so you can choose the one that most represents you and your story

Every wedding is unique….for you and for us


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There are a lot of different possibilities to celebrate your wedding in Italy. You may choose among a symbolic, religious and civil ceremony to celebrate your love with your dearest. However an increasing trend is to get married in Italy with the wedding for two formula.

What does “wedding for two” exactly mean?

Basically it’s the possibility to celebrate your wedding just the two of you: no guests to worry about. Differently from big events , where the bride and groom are (usually) focused on entertaining guests and don’t get to spend much time with each other , in an intimate wedding for two you could fully enjoy the uniqueness of this moment with your partner. It’s about you, your relationship, your life and what really matters to the two of you. But, all this love and deserved privacy must be framed in a stunning location, and trust us: Italy, especially Tuscany, is the perfect choice to celebrate your special wedding for two. You may chose to get married in Tuscany area on a sandy beach at twilight, or maybe on a sail boat in the middle of the Mediterranean sea or, why not, in a Florentine Renaissance Villa with a very romantic candlelight dinner just the two of you. Whatever is you dream we’ll make it true!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

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It is possible to marry in Italy with civil ceremony, catholic ceremony and symbolic ceremony.

Italian civil marriage rite: there are many locations in Italy where a foreign couple, could plan a  wedding ceremony with legal validity. In Tuscany Wedding agency can offer the perfect setting for your wedding ceremony: from City halls to villas and panoramic garden. Civil ceremonies are celebrated by an Italian Authority and are recognized in your own country. The celebrant will read some articles from Italian Civil Code, are needed a minimun of two witnesses over 18 years old and can be personalized by yourself with particular rite or with poetry or personal vows

Catholic wedding ceremony: you need some particular Catholic requirements to have a Catholic wedding in Italy: paperwork has to be issued within 6 months of the wedding day, wedding can be also legally binding and it could be celebrate in English with an interpreter, it’s necessary a permission from your Parish priest snd Bishop of your Church, they could approve also mixed religion weddings.

Symbolic weddings in Italy:  are not legally binding and are tailored to the needs of each couple. This type of ceremony can be celebrated by a pastor, an officer or a family members and can be personalized. We can offer the perfect setting for a symbolic ceremony indoor or outdoor, on the beach, in a garden or wherever you want.

Contact us in order to receive assistance for your destination wedding in Italy!